Welcome to The Reiki Center of Los Angeles!


The original Reiki Center of Los Angeles* was founded by Joyce J. Morris (MS, CADC, Reiki Master Teacher) in 1984. Taught by Virginia Samdahl, who was the first Occidental Reiki Master trained by Madam Hawayo Takata, Joyce was the 44th Reiki Master in the True Usui Lineage. She is also the author of Reiki: Hands That Heal.

In 1987, Marydale (YTRx-500C, POLY-E-RYT500, RMT) began working at The Reiki Center with Joyce, from whom she received her Reiki I and II training. She went on to become a Reiki Master Teacher and founded Param Yoga Healing Arts Center, offering Reiki demonstrations, shares, trainings, and private sessions, in addition to yoga instruction.

After Joyce passed away in 2002, Marydale began to feel a strong inner prompting to continue the work that Joyce began with The Reiki Center of Los Angeles. She was able to contact Joyce's son William, who told her that Joyce's final wish was for The Reiki Center to carry on and thrive.

Param Yoga Healing Arts Center is now the home of The Reiki Center of Los Angeles, where we honor Joyce and all of the Reiki Masters who have come before in the True Usui Lineage stretching directly back to the founder of Reiki himself, Dr. Mikao Usui. Please join us as we take Reiki out into the world and forward into the future, mindful of the sacred origins of these powerful energetics that are available to all.

*Joyce's children have maintained the original Reiki Center website as a memorial to her and her work. You can visit The Original Reiki Center of Los Angeles at reiki-center.org.

Meet Our Reiki Master Teachers

Sabrina Paine, Ch.T.

In addition to holding a certification as a Reiki Master in the True Usui Lineage, Sabrina is a certified hypnotherapist and minister, having received ordination from Universal Life Church Ministries. She is also an initiate of Kriya Yoga, an ancient scientific technique that is a path to self-realization, through Kriya Yoga International. Sabrina's heartfelt dedication is to the well-being and health of individuals, animals, and the planet. She strongly believes in the interconnectedness of all, and that if each of us thrives, our community thrives. It is therefore her goal to teach people tools for positive transformation and support them on their journey.

Khanh Le, DDS

Dr. Khanh Le is a board certified pediatric dentist who has been in private practice since 2001. In 2014, she was introduced to Reiki and became captivated by its soothing effects. She pursued advanced Reiki training, receiving her Reiki Master certification in 2015. Having witnessed the profound benefits of Reiki for herself and her patients, Dr. Le is moved to share this technique with others.